miércoles, 8 de junio de 2016


I've been working with Ana C on the software. We've made a presentation on prezi with the information that we found. Here's the link: prezi-SOFTWARE

miércoles, 1 de junio de 2016


I've used the page www.memegenerator.es to create my own meme about technology.

I had to ideas, but I liked better the second one. Both of the come from the proverb "Las apariencias engañan".

1st meme
2nd meme.

martes, 24 de mayo de 2016


I've been searching, with Ana C, for Daniel V and Santiago C (TEAM Nº13).

1.- What can I find about my classmates? In this exercise, we wrote their whole names between quotes (") and we went through all the information that appeared. We mostly found their networks, wich could be in the public or the private mode, their hobbies, the pages in which they appeared and pictures of them or of their friends in google images. However, in some cases we didn't find anthing.

2.- What do others see about you on the internet? This following activity was about writing my whole name, also between quotes ("). In this case I didn't find anything, not even pictures or networks related to me. However, I thought I could find something about looking for my best friend Paula D, from 4ºB, so I looked for her. I was right, when I looked for her I found pictures related to my or even pictures in which I appeared. Eventhough, I didn't find any websites or networks related to me.

3.- What does google know about me? In this activity I wrote in Goggle 'qué sabe google sobre mí' and there was a page (los 6 links) in which I founded that he knew the devices I recently used, also my Google history, what devices logged with my account and what applications can see my personal data and which ones. There was also a map that was supposed to tell where have you been, but that didn't work in my case.

4.- Let's control what Google knows about us. In this part, I looked for the page 'aboutme.google.com', being in my Google account, so I could find out the things Google knows about me. Here I just found the day of my birthday and my genre, which I changed to a private thing.

miércoles, 27 de enero de 2016


Here is my popplet, this one is about the compuer parts, but you can also use this website to study other subjects or for the things that you want. It's really helpful.
Here I leave the website for you to use it:

martes, 15 de diciembre de 2015


This is my personal webmix in Symbaloo. Here I have my favorite things.

This is my highschool webmix in symbaloo. Here I have the pages I need for my classes.